Customized clamps & VTB Family

Customized clamps

1. Selection & designing (Required parameters & conditions to be considered)

To meet specific application requirement, we need to develop the part as per customized specification. To design & develop the same following parameters are need to be considered;

  • Operating pressure, vibrations & temp cycles
  • Operating environment
  • Application torque
  • Hose & spigot geometry
  • Bead geometry
  • Hose compression ratio
  • Type of charge to be handled
  • Application industry-Automotive/food/etc.

VTB Family

1. What is the working principle of V Band Clamp?

V-Band clamp’s method of operation is based on principle of inclined plan (Wedging action). When the closure bolt is tightened, this exerts radial force on the V-profile segments. The two halves of the flange are pressed axially together by means of the V-Petal wedging action (see diagram below). The radial force that is exerted is converted into considerably higher axial force.