September 26, 2023
jolly clamps pioneering quality in steel clamps and couplings worldwide

Jolly Clamps: Pioneering Quality in Steel Clamps & Couplings Worldwide

In the world of industrial engineering, where precision, reliability, and durability are paramount, Jolly Clamps Pvt. Ltd. stands tall as an industry veteran with over five […]
July 31, 2023
World Economics Projection - July 2023

World Economic Conditions and Projections, Mid-2023: Bleak Prospects

KEY TAKEAWAYS: “Economic Impact of Climatic Changes, Ukraine War, and Pandemic: A Struggling Global Recovery” Overall, the economy has certainly taken a massive hit that it […]
July 29, 2020
leading workforce overhaul in manufacturing

How technology is leading workforce overhaul in manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a tectonic change. The emergence of new technologies has meant that to succeed companies need...
July 29, 2020
india closer to competing with china

India Closer To Competing With China, But Still Has Long Way To Go

India moved a tad closer to becoming an alternative to China this weekend. The world’s sixth-largest economy surprised everyone late...
July 29, 2020
digital transformation in manufacturing

Digital transformation in Manufacturing

Like the Industrial Revolution impacted manufacturing, digital transformation is now responsible for changing the industry.