New Zealand,
We rank among the best worldwide producers of steel clamps and couplings.

New Zealand, this is what we do.

What started as a small hose clip manufacturing business is now amongst the top 5 clamps manufacturing brands in South East Asia. As a result of setting up a goal and following it, unfailingly, we export to some of the major countries of the world like New Zealand,Canada, and USA, to name a few.

Standardized Product

High precision standardized product manufactured for different market segment across the world.

Customized Solutions

We provide customized solutions for all our client’s specific needs.

A Government of India
Recognised Star Export

We live by our commitment to our clients.

Unmatched Quality:

With unmatched quality assurance backing our production,delivery & ongoing services, we believe in leveraging the tech-driven inventory & production management systems.

Exceptional Service:

At Jolly, we consider our clients to be partners. By paying them the attention they deserve and thoroughly getting to know their businesses, we give our customers the security they need.

Rapid Delivery:

With a government recognized star export house, we effectively take shipping and delivery speed to the next level since we never run out of stock while keeping your supply chain in mind.

Crafting Clamps
Since 50 Years

Crafting Clamps
Since 50 Years

500+ Working Employees

800 M Products Delivered.
45+ Industrial Products.

We are consistently ranked No. 1 in India
Products Served in 15+ countries.

50+ Year's
of Manufacturing Experience.
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We are specialists in providing tailored clamping solutions for a variety of particular applications.

Heavy Duty Hose Clamp Solution New Zealand

With 50+ years of industry relevant manufacturing experience, amongst various stainless steel hose clamps, Jolly Clamps is one of the leading hose clamp manufacturers in India & ranked as a top hose clamp supplier for superpowers like New Zealand, USA, Canada, etc.

As a top processor of a series of hose clamps heavy duty ranges like the hose clamps stainless steel, t bolt clamp & band hose clamp assortments, we combine the best materials with the best design for a range of industrial applications relevant to the New Zealand based clientele. Our standing as a top flexible worm drive hose clamp supplier & as a hose clip supplier in India is based on our unwavering commitment to offering unique solutions to meet the needs of our customers across 15 countries as per SAE standards. Our success as a leading clamp manufacturer company on a global scale has been largely attributed to our ability to offer complete, tailored solutions to each of our customers at affordable pricing.

ustries. Those manufactured at Jolly Clamps are built to last in the most testing conditions to add value to our customers’ business.


  • Sr. GM - Materials, Simpson & Company Limited

    Our relationship with Jolly Clamps Pvt. Ltd. is very cordial. Even during pandemic period, we were supported well. The emergency requirements are handled well.

    Previously we were having issues with supply of clamps from the erstwhile source and with the advent of Supplies from Prospect, we no longer have concern on DELIVERY.

    Sr. GM - Materials, Simpson & Company Limited
  • Division Manager, Force Motors

    I am happy to place meritorious record of Jolly Clamps Pvt. Ltd. who is important element of Supply Chain Management.

    We at Force Motors Limited have been working with a number of vendors over the past many years; however, based on my experiences in working with them; all that I can say is, that in terms of customer service, workmanship, quality and turnaround time JOLLY clamps are highly recommendable in terms of these metrics.

    Division Manager, Force Motors

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