Quality Assurance

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Some Of Our Quality Control Equipment

"JOLLY has all required state of the art testing and validation equipment in the Quality Assurance Lab”


Spectrometer for quality test at Jolly Clamps
  • Test Offered:-To verify the Material Grade
  • Acceptance Criteria:- As per ASTM Standard

PMI Testing Machine

PMI Testing Machine at Jolly Clamps quality testing lab
  • Test Offered:- To verify the Material Grade of WIP & finished component
  • Acceptance Criteria:- As per ASTM Standard

Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

Universal testing machine
  • Test Offered: To confirm yield strength, percentage of elongation and Ultimate Tensile Strength of specimen
  • Tests performed: Compressive strength, Tensile strength, Shear strength
  • Specification: 1) Max. Load Range: 0-100 KN.

Vickers Hardness Tester

Vickers hardness tester
  • Test Offered:- To Check the surface Hardness of Sheet metal
  • Specification:- 1) Load Range: 0.5-50 Kg. 2) Minimum thickness of material can be tested : 0.4mm. 3) Hardness Range at 5Kg loading :- 31.08 - 1449 VPN.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Rockwell hardness tester
  • Test Offered:- To Check the surface Hardness of metal
  • Specification:- 1) Loading Range: 100Kg, 150 Kg
  • Range:- 1) 1-100 HRB 2) 1- 100 HRC.

Salt Spray Testing Machine

Salt Spray testing machine
  • Test Offered:-To Check Corrosion Resistance of Surface Coating
  • Specification:- 1) Standard Followed: ASTM B 117 2) PH value – 6.7 3) Flow rate- 30ml in 24 Hrs
  • Acceptance Criteria:- No corrosion for minimum Assured period of test

Busting Factor Testing Machine

Busting factor testing machine
  • Test Offered:-GSM Testing of Packing material
  • Specification:- 1) Pressure: 0-40 Kg/Sq.cm
  • Testing Material:- 1) Paper 2) Cardboard.

Fatigue Testing Of Spring/Washer (SPM)

Fatigue testing of spring washer
  • Test Offered:- To analyse performance of Belleville Washer, Helical Springs at fatigue load
  • Specification:- 1) Load-500kg 2)Frequency- 68 cycles/Min 3) Displacement- 4-12 mm Variable

Radio Active Contamination Testing Machine

  • Test Offered:- To check the Radioactive inclusion in Incoming material
  • Specification:- Measurement Range: 0-999.9 mR/hr
  • Acceptance Criteria:- No Radioactive contamination accepted

Pulsating Pressure Endurance Test Machine (SPM)

  • Test Offered:- To ensure the performance of clamp under fluctuating hydraulic or air Pressure (fatigue load) after tightening the clamp with installation torque
  • Specification:- As per IS 4762 standard
  • Pressure Range: 3.06-14 Kg/Sqr.cm

Optical Comparator

Optical comparator
  • Test Offered:- To measure the liner, angular & diametrical dimensions of any component with great accuracy by taking co-ordinates from the machines.
  • Specification:- 1)Radius, angular, length with MSU 3D PRO software) 2) Magnifying capacity: 10X, 20X, 100X

Fatigue Load Testing For V-Band Clamp

Fatigue load testing for V band clamp
  • Test Offered for V-Band Clamp
  • At Normal Temperature 1) Axial Load Test 2)Bending Load Test 3)Torsional Load Test
  • At Elevated Temperature (Range- 0-500° C):- 1) Axial Load Test 2) Bending Load Test 3) Torsional Load Test

Burst Pressure Testing Machine (SPM)

Burst pressure testing machine
  • Test Offered:- Testing of maximum holding capacity of the flanges of V Band clamp at specified torque
  • Specification:- Max. Hydraulic pressure that can be measured- 280 Kg/ Sqr.cm

Plating Thickness Measurement

Plating thickness measurement
  • Test Offered:- To measure Plating thickness
  • Specification:- 1) Range:- 0-30 micron 2) Type of plating :- Zinc coating
  • Acceptance Criteria:- Measured plating thickness should comply with plating thickness mentioned on customer approved drawing