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We use the 3PL business model to cater to all your needs. 3pl stands for Third Party Logistics, a one stop solution for anything & everything the retailer in you would need while expanding their network across USA, Canada & Mexico.


Superpowers like USA, Canada & Mexico are forces to reckon with, curating a business amongst them is a mammoth task in itself & managing it is another. Traditional business models depend on keeping most or all of its operational components in-house. The success of upscaled organizational performance is not always ensured by this method. A number of noteworthy companies have been able to take forward expansion even while being on a lower spectrum of finances. Jolly being the flag bearer as a third party logistical service enables you to get a helping hand from us with negligible costs. This extra assistance enables you to expand your horizons across spectrums. The vacant gap that gets created due to this empowers you to align focus on other aspects & domains of your business. 3pl stands for Third Party Logistics.


  • Receive
  • 3pl warehouse
  • Pick & Pack
  • Ship
  • Return


Having an inventory is the crucial stage marking the beginning of the 3pl process. This processing makes us organized & properly laid out for smooth functioning. The inventory, once received, is stored in a warehouse.

3PL Warehouse

Once the inventory is received, the items are stored in the warehouse. The storing is pre planned to avoid further complications. The only change that differentiates this process is the fact that the storage unit sizes are not fixed. It is a variable depending upon your needs. Our 3pl warehouses are usually scaled along with the business they are partnered with. So we are able to take care of the smallest to the biggest orders.

Pick & Pack

When an order is placed, it marks the initiation of processes. Our 3PLs come in with various technologies that adapt and align with your organizational needs. Technology plays a huge part while we make sure your business runs smoothly. Once orders are placed, it's time for them to be packed. This process is the mediator for organizational growth & brand value to customer satisfaction. The materialistic angle changes according to your needs within our 3PL, thus proving impactful.


Shipping is the next crucial step. Our 3PLs have a pre decided & trusted alignment that offers a high advantage as it increases the efficiency & affordability. Thus proving advantageous for the business as well as the customer.


A lot of notable 3PLs offer the service of returns. When a customer returns an order by shipping it back to our 3PL, they process the flow transcending to it either being disposed of or put back in stock. Depending on the type of return request & reasoning.

The Trustworthy Outsourcing


Jolly clamps wants to be by your side as you grow your business. Be it USA, Canada or Mexico, we have our services spread out for your organizational ease. Here are some advantages that streamline your needs.

Reduced Cost

Despite the low cost, our 3PL that exemplifies trust & execution being successfully handled.


An added advantage of having our 3pl is that it gives room for added flexibility amongst your business chains. Thus increasing efficiency.


Taking off a considerable amount of workload, it increases the scalability for your business model thus making it successful.

Customer Satisfaction

Our 3PL scales customer satisfaction to a notable level, increasing sales & improving the brand’s image in the public eye.


The third party logistics, come in with a lot of added benefits. A few of them are mentioned below that are the most strong points on why should you get a 3PL too.

  • 0% warehouse leasing:
    When a 3 third party logistics comes into picture, they come in with their own warehouse facility. So the process of storing & then picking & packing is eased out by a great margin.
  • Professional Processing:
    Orders that come in at any given point of time are handled by attested proffesionals in the field. taking utmost care at all time, the precautionary procedure makes sure your orders are safe & secure
  • Loading according to requirements:
    Orders received determine how much is loaded. This gives the decision-making power to the proprietors of the organisation.


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