Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions related to Clamps Manufacturing

Do you manufacture customised products?
Yes, we do according to the customer drawing.
Do you have a D&B number?
Yes, we do, as is mentioned on the website.
How many SKU do you have?
We have 2000 SKU in total.
Do you have global representatives?
Yes we have our representatives in North America, Middle East and European countries.
Do you have in-house testing facilities?
Yes, we have various types of testing machines in our factory and testing is carried out by our qualified quality inspection team at our facility.
What is the lead time to deliver the product?
3-4 weeks after the purchase order is received.
In which industries are your products being supplied?
According to the application, various types of clamps are supplied to the automobile, agriculture, irrigation, HVAC, heavy duty Equipment, plumbing, earth movers etc.
How many manufacturing plants do you have?
We have 3 manufacturing plants and 1 corporate office in India.
Do you have automated and semi-automated machines both?
Yes, we have both types of machinery to speed up the production
Do you have your tool development facility in-house?
Yes, we have our own tool development facility and a qualified product development team to carry out the new tooling process
Do you provide Logistics Service?
Yes, We provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) service to our clients and partners. A one stop solution for anything & everything the retailer in you would need while expanding network across USA, Canada & Mexico. Know more about Logistics Service