Special Pierced Serrate Clamp

Jolly Special Pierced Serrated Worm Drive clamp is a clamp designed to suit the customized requirement of uneven hose geometry. Geometry & location of Special Piercing on the band changes as per application requirement.

Specification Sheet


  1. Jolly special pierced Serrated Worm Drive Clamp is designed as per German Standard DIN 3017-01 with customized requirement of precise piercing of special geometrical hole on band of clamp to accommodate hose geometry.
  2. Jolly Serrated clamp works on principle of Worm Gear action where gearing action between cleanly formed Serrations & thread of Hex Head Screw enables tightening or loosening of clamp on the application.
  3. Jolly Special Pierced Two Way Serrated Clamp contains threads on both the surfaces of the band. Serrations on the inner surface of the band ensure better circular grip hence avoid seepage which makes this clamp more suitable for relatively hard hoses.
  4. Engineered with one piece housing assembly, Jolly Serrated clamp is available in a wide variety of diameter range as well as can be customized as per customer requirement.

Material Options

  • Jolly Special Pierced Serrated Worm Drive Clamp series products are made with material grade of AISI or equivalent global standards to provide high quality & consistency in performance.
  • Special Pierced Two-Way Serrated Clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series as well as available in SS316 grade which is suitable for Marine applications.
  • Jolly Serrated Clamps are also available in SS430 grade as well as in Plated carbon steel with the option of Hexavalent & Trivalent Zinc plating as per Industry & Global Export Standards.

Industries and Applications

Jolly Serrated Worm Drive Clamps serve in a wide variety of industries while meeting industry specified demand & keeping edge over Quality product supplies. Our products commonly used industries and applications such as:

What Makes Jolly Different?

Prospect Engineering Works is an IATF 16949, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified, RoHS compliant Indian manufacturing company which is one-stop for all your Clamping requirements. We are over 5 decade-old, young company catering JOLLY brand clamping solution to over 80% of OEM and Aftermarket in India and many institutional customers globally. We are a proud Indian clamp manufacturer who specializes in customized clamps and believe in lowest lead time.


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