Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamp (AVB)

Allen Bolt Quick release V-Band clamp is manufactured with compact quick release locking system to suit the requirement of quick & easy installation of flange connection where limited installation space is available.

Due to compact design construction Allen Bolt V-band clamp weighs lighter than other equivalent V-Band clamps & finds its application mostly in complex maintenance prone areas.

Specification Sheet


  1. Jolly Allen Bolt V-Band Clamp is designed as per customized requirement to connect Heavy Duty Metal flanges.
  2. Allen Bolt V-Band Clamp uses Allen Bolt & Barrel arrangement in place of conventional T-Bolt & Nut arrangement whereas threaded Barrel is used for tightening of clamp.
  3. Jolly Allen Bolt V-Petal clamp is suitable to sustain high burst pressure of Exhaust with the help of high Axial clamp force also quick release Allen Bolt & Barrel arrangement enables easy fitment & removal of clamp.
  4. Jolly V-Band clamp is available in two, three or Four V-Petal configuration, this V-Petals are welded on a band with robust welded construction to ensure high strength.
  5. Jolly quick connection V-Band clamp is available with several standard sizes frequently used for V-Profile.

Material Options

  • Jolly Quick Release V-Band series products are made with material grade of AISI or equivalent global standards to provide high quality & consistency in performance.
  • Allen Bolt V-band clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series for high value high performance applications.
  • Jolly V-band clamps are also available in SS300 grade Series with a combination of SS200 grade steel or plated carbon steel parts as per customer requirement.
  • Zinc plating is done for all carbon steel parts as per Industry & Global Export Standards.

Industries and Applications

Jolly Quick Release V-Band Clamps serve in a wide variety of industries while meeting the required goal to connect heavy duty metal flanges in high value & high performance applications. Our products commonly used industries and applications such as:

What Makes Jolly Different?

Prospect Engineering Works is an IATF 16949, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified, RoHS compliant Indian manufacturing company which is one-stop for all your Clamping requirements. We are over 5 decade-old, young company catering JOLLY brand clamping solution to over 80% of OEM and Aftermarket in India and many institutional customers globally. We are a proud Indian clamp manufacturer who specializes in customized clamps and believe in lowest lead time.


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