Screw Clamp-SC

Jolly Screw Clamps are designed to suit the requirements of light duty low torque applications where limited space is available for installation. Jolly screw clamps are available in various sizes & customization to best suit the customer applications.

Specification Sheet


  1. Jolly Screw Clamp is designed as per customized requirement for low strength, low torque & small Diameter applications.
  2. Screw Clamp has a smooth inner surface of the band that makes it most suitable on soft hoses.
  3. Simple Screw & Nut construction enables quick & easy assembly & disassembly whereas fixed bridge construction ensures 360° sealing on hose.
  4. Jolly Screw clamp is generally used for Fuel & Emission Lines.

Material Options

  • Jolly Screw Clamps are made with material grade of AISI or equivalent global standards to provide high quality & consistency in performance.
  • Screw clamps are available in plated carbon steel with the option of Hexavalent & Trivalent Zinc plating as per Industry & Global Export Standards.

Industries and Applications

Jolly Screw Clamps serves in a variety of industries while meeting industry specified demand & keeping edge over Quality product supplies. Our products commonly used in industries and applications such as:


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