Clamps for Genset Applications

Ensuring fluids flow properly is key to a genset's operation, and hose clamps play a vital role in this. They secure hoses throughout the system, from fuel lines to the cooling system. Stainless steel worm gear clamps are a popular choice for fuel lines due to their durability and vibration resistance. Similarly, clamps prevent leaks in the air intake and exhaust systems, maintaining engine performance and safety. For the cooling system, constant tension clamps are preferred. These automatically adjust to maintain pressure on coolant hoses as temperatures fluctuate. In larger gensets with lubrication systems, hose clamps keep oil hoses secure, preventing leaks that could damage the engine or cause fires. When choosing clamps, material and type are important. Stainless steel offers good corrosion resistance for most applications, and clamp type depends on the specific use and hose size. Overall, these unsung heroes keep essential fluids flowing safely and efficiently within a genset.

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What Makes Jolly Clamps Different?

Jolly Clamps Pvt. Ltd. is an IATF 16949, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified, RoHS compliant Indian manufacturing company which is one-stop for all your Clamping requirements. We are over 5 decade-old, young company catering JOLLY brand clamping solution to over 80% of OEM and Aftermarket in India and many institutional customers globally. We are a proud Indian clamp manufacturer who specializes in customized clamps and believe in lowest lead time.
As a premier manufacturer and exporter, Jolly Clamps takes pride in delivering top-quality products that have earned acclaim across North and South America (USA), Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Peru, Germany, and Russia.


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