Jolly is repeatedly cited by customers as one of the leading customized clamp manufacturers in India. Over the last 50 years, we have perfected our clamping technology to serve every customer’s unique requirements. Each custom hose clamp is designed for high strength and durability. We craft them with different materials of global standards to meet the high pressure & temperature application demands. Such emphasis on achieving the highest quality ensures that customers get long-lasting applications.
As India’s No. 1 clamp manufacturing company, we provide 360 degrees solutions with 45+ industrial products to our customers. They are designed for enhanced performance applications and stand as a testament to our constant drive for innovation and perfection of engineering.

How does the Customized Clamp work?

Customized clamps are designed for constant high tension and other demanding applications that aren’t met by standard clamps. They feature design variations to eliminate the chances of the loosening of the clamp’s grip on the hose. The material feature variations and size are finalized according to the customer’s unique needs. These different types of Customized Clamps are used in automotive systems, clamping lines in plumbing and specialized use in many everyday things. If standard clamps aren’t enough for leakproof applications, it is best to opt for customized clamps.

Why Jolly Customized Clamps?

To date, we have delivered over 800 million products. Our customers cite us among the best customized clamp manufacturers in India because of our consistency in being a one-stop solution for all of our customer’s unique requirements. We craft customized clamps in various sizes and materials (of AISI grade or equivalent global standards) for the highest quality performance. Depending upon the customer’s unique requirements, we provide the following customized clamps:
  • Barril Abrazaderas (BC)
  • P-Clíp (PC)
  • Rectangular Doble T-Tornillo Abrazadera (RCTX)
  • Oblonga cargado de resortes Doble T-Tornillo Abrazadera (OBTS)

Other Clamping Solutions

Worm Drive Clamp

Jolly is India’s top Worm Drive Hose Clamp manufacturer providing Worm Drive Clamps in the entire SS300 grade series as well as in SS316 grade, which is suitable for Marine applications. They are designed as per SAE standards for enhanced durability and performance-oriented applications. Our customers use these clamps for applications in automotive, agricultural, food & beverages, earth moving equipment and oil & gas industries.

T Bolt Clamp

T Bolt Clamps are used in automobiles, heavy trucks, duct connections, industrial machinery, radiators, irrigation and other industries. They are dominantly used in industrial processes involving high vibrations, where the T Bolt prevents the reopening of the clamp during vibration. We manufacture these clamps using the highest quality stainless steel for enhanced durability and flexibility, the reason behind our position as the leading Bolt Hose Clamp manufacturer in India.

V Band Clamp

V Band Clamps provides fast and secure Coupling for connecting flanged joints. They are used in engines, aerospace, turbochargers, petrochemicals, exhaust systems, marine operations, Genset applications and food & chemical processing equipment to connect heavy-duty metal flanges. These clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series. The series is also available in a combination of SS200 grade steel or plated carbon steel parts for custom requirements, making Jolly one of the leading V Band Clamp manufacturers globally.