febrero 21, 2023

The Function of Clamping Solutions in the Modern Industry.

agosto 25, 2022

From Launching Satellites to releasing bombs, this clamp does it all!

agosto 2, 2022

Culture @ Prospect Engineering Works(PEW).  

On a Monday morning in August 2019,with a cup of hot steaming Coffee in hand ,was  looking towards the pending work that I had put aside […]
julio 14, 2022

TORQUE: The False Indicator of Your Clamp Performance

The performance of any product is determined by the output delivered by the product to the input invested. Many a time OEM & end-users of the […]
julio 14, 2022

COLD LEAKS: Leaks that will make you shiver !

Many times hose clamps display leaks even after the application of sufficient installation torque & people are tired of finding out the root cause of this […]