Jolly is the most trusted Coupling manufacturer in India. We are experts in manufacturing easy to fit, simple and versatile Couplings for our customers. They are custom-designed in various sizes to best suit customers’ applications. Our engineering process is combined with constant innovation to enhance the versatility of these Couplings, so customers get diverse, performance-oriented applications. With Jolly Couplings, customers get high-precision and superior flexibility. This commitment to delivering innovative, application-oriented designs ensures that we add value to our customers’ businesses spanning across various industries.
Jolly is the leading Hose Clamp manufacturer in India, proving time and again its presence as a one-stop clamping solutions provider. Constant innovation combined with the vision to provide custom solutions to every customer’s unique needs is the driving force behind every one of our products.

How does Coupling work?

Couplings are connectors designed to connect two pipes with the same or similar outside diameter. They are available in different sizes to best suit customer requirements. A Coupling is an inexpensive solution for repairing pipe systems, serving as a replacement for short sections of pipe. Jolly Couplings are used in pumping, HVAC, sewage & waste management applications. They provide perfect customization options and enhanced flexibility for our customers, who have always trusted us as one of the leading flexible coupling manufacturers in India.

Why Jolly Couplings?

Jolly is the leading Coupling manufacturer in India because of its application-oriented designs that constantly surpass the innovation and performance tests of the industry. All our Couplings series are manufactured with AISI material grade or equivalent global standards for enhanced quality and consistency. We lead in quality and performance in the water, chemical and oil & gas industries. Depending on the unique requirements of the customer, here are the Couplings that we manufacture:
  • Straight Flexible Coupling-CS
  • Reducer Flexible Coupling-CR
  • No Hub Coupling-CA

Our Clamping Solutions

Worm Drive Clamp

Jolly Worm Drive Clamps are designed as per SAE standards. Our SS Worm Drive Hose Clamp series finds enhanced applications in automotive, filters, electrical equipment, domestic and industrial processes. They are designed to give customers an edge in terms of performance and consistency.

T Bolt Clamp

Jolly serves as one of the leading T Bolt Clamp manufacturers in India, providing the perfect amalgamation of technology and innovation. They find enhanced applications in industrial processes involving high vibrations, where the T Bolt prevents the reopening of the clamp during vibration. Our T Bolt Clamps are designed as per SAE standards to provide high strength & high durable, leakproof connections.

V Band Clamp

A V Band Hose Clamp is used in engines, aerospace, turbochargers, petrochemicals, exhaust systems, marine operations, Genset applications and food & chemical processing equipment for connecting flanged joints. Our V Band Clamp designs ensure fast and safe Coupling for connecting flanged joints.

Customized Clamp

Jolly Customized Clamps are designed for constant high tension and other demanding applications that aren’t met by standard clamps. Our Custom Hose Clamp features different sizes and material grades perfectly designed for the customer’s unique needs.