Jolly V Band Hose Clamp series is made with AISI material grade and equivalent global standards for the highest quality performance and consistency. We are one of the leading V Band Clamp manufacturers globally, serving a wide range of industries with 360 degree clamping solutions to connect heavy duty metal flanges in high value and high performance applications. For our customers, we custom-design these clamps to join piping, tubing, closures, separators, regulators, filter containers, turbochargers, engine joints.

As the leading hose clamp manufacturer in India, our goal is to be a one-stop solution for all our customers in the OEM and aftermarket globally. To reach this goal, we provide custom-designed clamping solutions for each of our customers’ unique needs to make their applications seamless.

How does the V Band Hose Clamp work?

A V Band Hose Clamp is used in engines, aerospace, turbochargers, petrochemicals, exhaust systems, marine operations, Genset applications and food & chemical processing equipment to connect heavy duty metal flanges. It provides fast and secure coupling for connecting flanged joints. It uses the principle of wedging action to clamp flanges with the help of V Petal & is suitable to sustain high burst pressure of Exhaust with the help of high Axial clamp force. We custom design V Band Clamps for customer requirements to make sure you get a 360-degree clamping solution at Jolly Clamps.

Why Jolly V Band Hose Clamps?

We have come to be known among the leading V Band Clamp suppliers because our V Band Clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series. The series is also available in a combination of SS200 grade steel or plated carbon steel parts for custom requirements. Zinc plating is done for all carbon steel parts as per Industry & Global Export Standards. Here are the types of V Band Clamps we manufacture:

  • V—Band Kupplungsklemme (TV)
  • V—Band Klemmen in Art des Sattle mit schnellen Freisetzung (QTV)
  • Diesel Partikel Filter (DPF) V—Band Klemme(DTV)
  • Allen Bolzen schnelle Freisetzung V—Band Klemme(AVB)
  • V—Klemme mit verbindenden Link(VCL)
  • V—Klemme(VC)
Other Clamping Solutions
Worm Drive Clamp

Our Worm Drive Hose Clamp design follows the SAE standard. They are available in the entire SS300 grade series as well as in SS316 grade, which is suitable for Marine applications. Custom-designed Worm Drive Clamps find enhanced usage in automotive, agricultural, food & beverages, oil & gas industries, etc.

T Bolt Clamp

Jolly T Bolt Clamps follow SAE standards to provide high strength applications to our customers constantly. Depending on customers’ requirements, we manufacture T Bolt Clamps in different material grades for superior performance. Today, we are one of the leading T Bolt Clamp suppliers in India, providing clamping solutions in automobiles, heavy trucks, duct connections, industrial machinery, radiators, irrigation and other industries.


Jolly, a leading Coupling manufacturer in India, provides customers with a series of products made with AISI or equivalent global material grades and standards. They serve pumping applications, HVAC applications and sewage and waste management applications.