T-Bolt Clamp Family

T-Bolt Clamp Family

1. How constant tension spring loaded T-bolt clamps differ from T-bolt clamps

The Constant Tension T-Bolt clamps are equipped with the mechanism to provide constant radial load on the hose circumference at extreme cold weather conditions. This is required as joint diameter contracts at extreme cold weather .In case of standard T-Bolt clamp, tensioning mechanism is not available for automatic diameter compensation. This clamp is used in applications with no considerable temperature changes.

2. Do spring loaded T-bolt clamps works on both hot & cold temperatures?

When the joint temperature is above normal temperature the joint is going to expand & so the hose diameter & clamp diameter, hence there is no need to adjust the clamping diameter. In extreme cold climate the joint contracts but as thermal coefficient of expansion & contraction of rubber is lower than metal the interference between hose & pipe reduces. In such condition clamp is expected to adjust. This adjustment is possible in Spring Loaded T-Bolt clamps. So spring loaded T-Bolt clamps are very useful in extreme cold weather.

3. How heavy duty T-Bolt clamps differ from conventional T-Bolt clamp

The heavy-duty clamps are designed to provide high tensile strength, durability and reliability for tough and demanding applications. The heavy-duty clamps have thicker band as compared to standard T-Bolt clamps. Application torque values are also high in heavy duty T bolt clamps against regular T bolt clamps.